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Tagkeys IconSupport for Tagkeys is offered through email only.  Most emails are responded to within 24 hours of receipt.  On weekends and Holidays, emails may not be responded to until the next business day.

You can check for and download updates from the 'Help' menu item on the list screen

You can contact Tagkeys support personnel at support@tagkeys.com

Tagkeys Pro 3.0 Version History...

3.0 - Initial Release

3.01 - Maintenance Release

Fixed - Tag Character, other than period, would not stay selected between restarts.

3.02 - Maintenance Release

Added additional Date Formats

3.03 - Maintenance Release

Increased the size of the Description Fields on all Edit Screens

3.04 - Maintenance Release

Added a warning message if document monitoring thread fails

3.05 - Maintenance Release

Added Popup Menu on Medallion for Scratchpad Selection

3.06 - Maintenance Release

Added pop-up menu for Scratchpads from the Medallion

3.07 - Maintenance Release

Fixed a problem with Scratchpads and HTML text

3.08 - Maintenance Release

Minor fixes including global display from list, support for ALT Tab

3.09 - 3.12 - Maintenance Release

Minor fixes, Added Quick Guide on Startup

3.20 - Maintenance Release

Fixed a problem where Tagkeys would clear the clipboard occassionally

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