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Tagkeys Icon  The personnel at Tagkeys want to hear from you!

Whether you have a comment, suggestion, general question, or information you want to share.  You can contact Tagkeys at any time at info@tagkeys.com.

Tagkeys Icon  Have a Tagset you'd like to share?

Tagkeys accepts submissions of Tagsets for download and free distribution to other users.  In order for your Tagset to be made available by Tagkeys, you must meet the following criteria:

Tagsets must be made available free of charge, and be placed in the public domain.  Your accompanying email must include a statement to that affect. 

Credit to the author will be given in the comments section of the Tagset.  No other acknowledgement or advertisements are allowed.

Tagsets may not be specific for use by a single user or company but can target a specific market segment such as Healthcare.

Tagsets cannot contain any profanity, offensive language, or contain any racial or ethnic slurs

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