Tagkeys Pro 3.0

Tagkeys MedallionAuto-Insert Text and Graphics by Simply Typing a 'Tag'
Capture Text or Images from Any Source with a Single Click
Store Docs, or Files in Tagkeys with Drag & Drop
Start a Doc, Edit, Close
and Tagkeys Saves your Changes

Try it FREE for 60 Days.  No Spyware, No Adware, No Viruses

And Tagkeys Pro is Very Easy to use.
In ANY Document, Email, Web Page, or Windows Form:

Replacement Table

Tagkeys Pro Includes Hundreds of Features such as Built-In Editors, Instant Preview, Macros, Global Variables, Reports, Automatic Backups, Keystroke Recording, Import and Export Tagsets, Check-Out to a Portable Drive, and much, much more ...

"I use your program DAILY and it is INDISPENSABLE. Saves me so much time and aggravation, you don't know what a blessing your software has made in my business." - BRIAN

"I just love your program and turn our employees onto it.  I have 10 people signed up for thursday workshop.  Thank your for it!!!!!" -DEB

Tagkeys BoxWhether you are an office professional, engineer, consultant, software programmer, technical writer, data entry technician, or just someone who uses a PC occasionally, Tagkeys will help you work faster and smarter! 
Tagkeys Main Window
Automatically Save Information in Tagkeys from any Document, Webpage, or Email with a
SINGLE MOUSECLICK!  Simply highlight the text you want and right-click on Tagkeys' Medallion.  Tagkeys automatically inserts it into the database.  That's it!

With Tagkeys, your work just got a whole lot easier!  In any document, form, email, or webpage, simply type a "tag" and let Tagkeys do the rest! 

For example, you type .addr an Tagkeys replaces it with:
    John Doe
    1234 Anywhere Street
    Anytown, Va.  20100

(And you can have an unlimited number of tags, in an unlimited number of "Tagsets")




Clean and SafeSoftpedia 100% Clean100% Clean

Click here Tagkeys 2.2 for the original FREE version of Tagkeys.  This version is no longer supported and cannot be registered, but is being offered for those who want to continue to use the original version of Tagkeys. 


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